Saturday, August 9, 2008

Tiny Toons vs Animaniacs

Ok. A couple days ago I mentioned that I preferred Tiny Toons over Animaniacs. And Teresa was just the opposite.

Time to clarify. As much as I love Yakko, Wakko and Dot, I think that Tiny Toons is a better show.

In other words it is a more enjoyable half hours of toons.

Teresa on the other hand prefers Animaniacs. But it turns out we agree.

We both think that The Animaniacs segments are better than any of the Tiny Toons cartoons on the whole. I agree with that part. But the filler segments (other than Pinky & The Brain) are crapola.

I could give a shit about Goodfeathers, a take off of Good Fellas. Gangster Pigeons? That joke was only half-funny and barely relevant almost 20 years when it first aired.

Slappy the Squirrel? She was supposed to be this "old" aunt squirrel but it never worked. She never looked older than her nephew. I never bought into it.

Or that goddamn singing cat voiced by Bernadete friggin Peters. Rita and Runt or whatever it was. Ugh. Why is that woman a celebrity? Seriously, her cartoon cat persona is sexier than she ever was. What did Steve Martin see in that woman?

And screw Mindy and Buttons and Minerva Mink. That is a load of suck.

Animaniacs was a brilliant idea. And their shorts are well worth the price of admission on DVD. But they had to fill out the show and unfortunately it was with junk. I can forgive that I suppose. It;s tough to come up with half a dozen gems. But I would have preferred a half hour of just the Warner Brothers and their Warner sister Dot. And an occasional Pinky & The Brain. Thank God for the "chapter skip" button on your remote.

But Tiny Toons is a more entertaining half hour of cartoons, in my opinion.

Both had great friggin theme songs, though. They are both in my head all the time.

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Dead End said...

Although I was a bigger fan of Tiny Toons for exactly the same reasons you mentioned, you gotta admit the "Good Idea/Bad Idea" sketches were good.