Monday, August 4, 2008

What's On That Shelf?

A friend of mine wanted to know what was on that shelf o' cartoon DVD's in the first post.

I will gladly oblige.


Avatar Book 3 vol 3

I buy the DVD's as they come out. Then sell them on eBay right before the complete collection, or Book, is released. I make about 85% of my money back. Let's here it for resale value!

Happily N'ever After

Haven't actually watched this yet. I have not heard good things. And there are like 50 things I'd rather watch. We'll see if we get around to it.

Drawn Together Season 1

I only watched about half of this. Seems like an awesome idea that was wasted. I haven't bothered with the subsequent seasons, although I hear they get better. We'll see.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Season 5

Still funny. Teresa still hates it. Are there any girls who actually like this show??

Harvey Birdman Attorney At Law vol 3

Pretty good. Still like the first season best

Dangermouse 1 & 2

Great little toon. Makes me think of childhood. Very cozy.

Oban Star Racers Vol 1

Picked this series up on a (hyperbolic) recommendation from someone who has turned me on to other great stuff. Good...not great

Woody Woodpecker Volume 2

Freaking awesome classic toons. Buy this...they hold up perfectly

Simpsons Season 9 & 2

Eh, yea....ya know. it's the Simpsons. Shark Jumper Season [9] and a decent Season [2]. In between these two is the GOLD. These are the bookends of Simpsons greatness.

Sealab 2021 Season 1

Love this show. Although it just gets weirder and more surreal as the season go. Pulled this back out after watching Frisky Dingo...same creators

blue submarine 6

Some pretty cool anime. Not the best but pretty to look at.

Futurama Bender's Big Score

Great stuff. Have watched this about 6 times. But I HATE that goddamn "inconvenient truth algore" packaging...scuffs the disc and the flimsy cardboard case just bends...ugh.

Family Guy Vol 4

Dreadful on 1st viewing. A bit better on second look...but that's because I was expecting less.

Duck Tales Vol 2

Pretty damn entertaining still. My fave from the 80s Disney Afternoon is Rescue Rangers. My memory told me it was TaleSpin...but nope. I enjoy Rescue Rangers more today.

Also, I am a big kid

Freakazoid Season 1

Just got this. Way weirder than I recall. Will report more later. Have only watched 2 episodes

The Batman Season 5

Loved it. And this is from someone who was really skeptical about this show. Being the Batman Animated (BTAS) freak that I am. It's a shame this got canceled. This season had all kinds of cool team-ups with Green Arrow and Superman and stuff. Hate to see it go


This is the anime Metropolis. Fantastic movie. Rich and evocative. Just great.

Tiny Toons Season 1 Vol 1

Finally! I am enjoying the hell outta this. I prefer Tiny Toons. Teresa prefers Animaniacs. More on this later.

Futurama Volume 4 & 3

Well ya know. Classic stuff. Season 3 is the best one. Season 4 is experimental and wacky...still good though

Hellboy Animated Movies

These are just great. I liked "Blood and Iron" more than "Sword of Storms" but both are worth owning. They are true to the comics and the movie. The voice actors are the portrayed by the same people that portrayed them in the movies...Ron Perlman, Selma Blair, etc.

ATHF movie

More Aqua Teen goodness!

Gargoyles Season 1

Wow. I remembered enjoying this even though it ripped off BTAS for design. But yuck. This does not hold up.

Open Season

Havent watched it yet...we'll see. Martin Lawrence is the lead? Eh.

Oban Start Racers Part 2

See above

Teen Titans Season 5

Man I hate to see this one end. What a great show with tons of more storytelling potential. Ah well. Glad we have 65 episodes of it.

..have been watching this slowly...we're on episode 3 out of 13

Oh's who I get to curl up and watch toons with:


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